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Conference on Systems Engineering Research 2013

Addressing Societal Challenges with Next-Generation Systems!

Special Sessions/Panels

In addition to an array of excellent technical paper presentations, this year's CSER features a variety of special sessions and panels that will be of keen interest to attendees.

Special Sessions

Tutorial: Using SEBoK and GRCSE (Wednesday, 12:30pm during lunch, GLC 236)

David Olwell, Ph.D., Naval Postgraduate School
Nicole Hutchison, Stevens Institute of Technology
Arthur Pyster, Ph.D. (Presenter), Stevens Institute of Technology
Devanandham Henry, Stevens Institute of Technology
James Anthony, Office of the Secretary of Defense
Stephanie Enck, Naval Postgraduate School


The Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) and the Graduate Reference Curriculum for Systems Engineering (GRCSE) are two products that have been released to the community in 2012. This tutorial will consist of two parts. Part 1 would introduce the participants to the SEBoK, its structure, organization, and features of the wiki platform. Participants would also be provided guidance on how different categories of users (including educators, students, practitioners, and researchers of Systems Engineering) could use the SEBoK effectively Part 2 would introduce the participants to GRCSE, its scope, and content. The tutorial will specifically discuss how GRCSE may be used to develop new educational programs in systems engineering or improve existing ones.

NSF Information Session: SYS and ESD Programs (Thursday, 12:30pm during lunch, GLC 236)

Paul Collopy, Ph.D., National Science Foundation


The National Science Foundation has changed its programs to encourage more basic research in systems engineering. The former Engineering Design and Innovation program has been changed to the Engineering & Systems Design (ESD) program. NSF has also added a new program in Systems Science (SYS). SYS will fund theoretical research on systems engineering. ESD will fund empirical study of engineering design and systems engineering, emphasizing social, cognitive, and technical perspectives on engineering. ESD will also continue to fund theoretical studies of engineering design. The lunchtime session will introduce these changes and entertain questions and discussion.


Panel Session: Government Panel on Challenges in the Engineering of Complex Systems (Wednesday, 1:30pm - 3:00pm, GLC 222)

Chair: Chris Paredis, Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology (Presentation Slides)
Anna-Maria McGowan, NASA Langley
Vijay Srinivasan, Ph.D., National Institute of Standards and Technology (Presentation Slides)
Simon Goerger, Ph.D., Engineer Research and Development Center, Army Corps of Engineers (Presentation Slides)
George Hazelrigg, Ph.D., National Science Foundation (Presentation Slides)

In this panel session, representatives from four US Government agencies will share their views regarding challenges in engineering large-scale complex systems and will discuss related transformations needed to engineering practice.

Panel Session: Health Systems Thursday, 1:30pm - 3:00pm, GLC 222)

Chair: Shean Phelps, M.D., Georgia Tech Research Institute
Tommy Thomas, M.D., Ph.D., Neuroscience Critical Care, Emory University
Kevin Maher, M.D., Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Doug Woods, Georgia Tech Research Institute
Brian Liu, Georgia Tech Research Institute

This panel will discuss the systems engineering needs in the medical community.

Panel Session: Industry Needs (Friday, 11:00am - 12:30pm, GLC 233)

Chair: Scott Duncan, Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology
Brian Berenbach, Siemens
Christopher Oster, Lockheed Martin
Kristin Kelly, GE Energy
Manas Bajaj, Ph.D., Intercax

This panel will discuss the increasing role and value of systems engineering to technology-oriented industries. Panelists will discuss the drivers of systems engineering challenges, techniques and practices that have proven useful, and where there could be improvements to make systems engineering more practical and effective for industry practitioners.

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