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Conference on Systems Engineering Research 2013

Addressing Societal Challenges with Next-Generation Systems!

Presenter Information

Presenter Designation

Each paper must have a presenter designated in the EDAS system. To designate your paper's presenter, log into EDAS and select the "My papers" tab. Click on your paper, and then select the link under the "Change/Add" column in the "Presenter(s)" row.

The presenter should also list a brief biographical sketch that the session chair can use when introducing him or her. To do this, each presenter should log into EDAS and select the "My profile" tab. Then edit the text box for "Brief bio" (50-word maximum).

Session Length

Each session is 90 minutes long, with three papers per session. Please plan your presentation to last for 20 minutes. There will be a five minute questions and answers period after your presentation, then followed by a few minutes to set up the next presentation and to allow the audience to switch sessions if desired. Session chairs will be enforcing these time limits.

Audio-Visual Equipment

Each presentation room is equipped with everything needed for your presentation, except for the presentation itself. This includes a projector, laptop and microphones (both lapel and hand-held). Please plan to bring your presentation in Powerpoint format on a memory stick. You may wish to coordinate with the session chair at the beginning of the session to preload all presentations. 

The conference laptops run Windows with the latest version of Powerpoint.  If there are potential compatibility issues with your presentation, you may alternatively bring your own laptop to plug into the projector system.  (MAC users with presentations on a laptop will need to bring their own adapter).

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