Program at a Glance

7:00-8:00am Registration / Breakfast
8:00-9:00am Keynote: Ann Devereaux (Room 236)
9:15-10:45am Morning Session 1
11:00-12:30pm Morning Session 2
12:30-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-3:00pm Afternoon Session 1

Morning Session 1

Organizational Structures and Analysis for SE
Fri. 09:15 - 10:45am, Room 236
Organizational Simulation for Model Based Systems Engineering Download PDF Daniel O'Neil & Mikel Petty; NASA & University of Alabama
A Stackelberg Solution to Joint Optimization Problem: A Case Study of Green Design Download PDF Yitao Liu, Yangjian Ji & Roger Jiao; Georgia Institute of Technology & Zhejiang University
Guiding Cooperative Stakeholders to Compromise Solutions Using an Interactive Trade space Exploration Process Download PDF Matthew Fitzgerald & Adam Ross; Massachusetts institute of Technology

High-Level Perspectives for SE
Fri. 09:15 - 10:45am, Room 222
(SERC) An Evidence-Based Systems Engineering (SE) Data Item Description Download PDF B. Boehm, J.A. Lane, S. Koolmanojwong, & R. Turner; University of Southern California & Stevens Institute of Technology
Contextual- and Behavioral-Centric Stakeholder Identification Download PDF Alejandro Salado & Roshanak Nilchiani; Stevens Institute of Technology
A Proposed Technology Platform Framework to Support Technology Reuse Download PDF Daniel Stig; Chalmers University of Technology

Research Methods for SE
Fri. 09:15 - 10:45am, Room 235
Systems Engineering Research Methods Download PDF Gerrit Muller; Buskerud University College
Applying Systems Engineering to Survey Research Download PDF Clement Smartt & Susan Ferreira; University of Texas at Arlington
Positive Deviance Approach for Identifying Next-Generation System Engineering Best Practices Download PDF Steven Doskey, Thomas Mazzuchi & Shahram Sarkani; The George Washington University

Educational Technology
Fri. 09:15 - 10:45am, Room 233
Representing Advances in Systems Engineering by Using an Electronic Process Guide Download PDF Thammanoon Kawinfruangfukul, Supannika Koolmanojwong & Nupul Kukreja; University of Southern California
Integrating Problem Solving and Research Methods Teaching for Systems Practice in Engineering Download PDF M. Yearworth, G. Edwards, J. Davis, K. Burger, & A. Terry; University of Bristol & Thales Training and Consultancy
(SERC) Designing an Experiential Learning Environment for Logistics and Systems Engineering Download PDF D. Bodner, J. Wade, W. Watson & G. Kamberov; Georgia Institute of Technology, Stevens Institute of Technology & Purdue University

Morning Session 2

MBSE Languages and Extensions
Fri. 11:00 - 12:30pm, Room 236
Extending SysML for Engineering Designers by Integration of the Contact & Channel - Approach (C&C?-A) for Function-Based Modeling of Technical Systems Download PDF Albert Albers & Christian Zingel; Institute of Product Engineering @ Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
On Using Multiple Interoperating Models to Address Complex Problems Download PDF Ahmed Jbara, Alexander Levis & Abbas Zaidi; George Mason University
Enabling Systems Modeling Language Authoring in a Collaborative Web-based Decision Support Tool Download PDF D. Browne, R. Kempf, A. Hansen, M. O'Neal, & W. Yates; Georgia Institute of Technology & Marine Corps Systems Command

MBSE Applications
Fri. 11:00 - 12:30pm, Room 222
Constructing and Evaluating "as-is" and "to-be" OPM Models for the Healthcare Sector for Adoption of VSCAN Download PDF J. Erkoyuncu, S. Bolshchikov, D. Steenstra, R. Rajkumar, & D. Dori; Cranfield University & Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Need Finding for the Development of a Conceptional, Engineering-Driven Framework for Improved Product Documentation Download PDF Soren Ulonska & Torgeir Welo; NTNU, Dept. of Engineering Design and Materials
Framework for Implementing Internal Part Traceability in Iron Foundry Automation Download PDF Rhythm Wadhwa & Terje Lien; NTNU Vlagrinda, Dept of Production & Quality Engineering

Socio-Technical Aspects of SE
Fri. 11:00 - 12:30pm, Room 235
System Design Framework for Equity/ Fairness Among Actors Download PDF Datu Agusdinata; Northern Illinois University
Multi-Level Modeling of Complex Socio-Technical Systems Download PDF Tom McDermott, William Rouse, Seymour Goodman & Margaret Loper; Georgia Institute of Technology
A Socio-Technical Perspective on Interdisciplinary Interactions Download PDF A.M. McGowan, S. Daly, W. Baker, P. Papalambros, C. Seifert; NASA & University of Michigan

Industry Needs
Fri. 11:00 - 12:30pm, Room 233
Panel Discussion: This panel will discuss the increasing role and value of Systems Engineering to technology-oriented industries. Panelists will discuss the drivers of systems engineering challenges, techniques and practices that have proven useful, and where there could be improvements to make systems engineering more practical and effective for industry practitioners. Brian Berenbach, Siemens
Christopher Oster, Lockheed Martin
Kristin Kelly, GE Energy
Mana Bajaj, Intercax

Afternoon Session 1

Knowledge Structures for SE
Fri. 01:30 - 03:00pm, Room 236
Ontology for Systems Engineering Download PDF L.C. Van Ruijven; Mgr Technology Development @ Croon TBI Techniek
Applying Epistemology to System Engineering: An Illustration Download PDF Reginald Ratcliff; Georgia Technology Research Institute
Ontologies of Time and Time-Based Reasoning for MBSE of Cyber-Physical Systems Download PDF Leonard Petnga & Mark Austin; University of Maryland

SE Methodologies
Fri. 01:30 - 03:00pm, Room 222
Using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to Define Elegance in System Architecture Download PDF Alejandro Salado & Roshanak Nilchiani; Stevens Institute of Technology
The W-Model - Using Systems Engineering for Adaptronics Download PDF Roland Nattermann & Reiner Anderl; Dept. of Computer Intergrated Design TU Darmstadt
Systems Engineering Methodology for Linking Requirements to Design Complexity and Manufacturing Trade Space Constraints Download PDF Tyler Milner, Michael Volas & Albert Sanders; Georgia Institute of Technology & Honeywell Aerospace

Value-Driven Systems Engineering
Fri. 01:30 - 03:00pm, Room 235
Value Modeling for a Space Launch System Download PDF Shari Keller & Paul Collopy; University of Alabama & National Science Foudation
Value-Based Assessment of DoD Acquisition Programs Download PDF Ian Maddox, Paul Collopy & Phillip Farrington; University of Alabama
A Cost-Based Decision Tool for Valuing System Design Options Download PDF E. Ryan, D. Jacques, J. Rtschel & J. Colombi; Air Force Institute of Technology

Simulation and Control
Fri. 01:30 - 03:00pm, Room 233
Real-Time Simulation and Control of Large Scale Distributed Discrete Event Systems Download PDF Fernando Gonzalez; Texas A&M International University
Object-Oriented Discrete Event Simulation Modeling Environment for Aerospace Vehicle Maintenance and Logistics Process Download PDF Curtis Iwata & Dimitri Mavris; Georgia Institute of Technology
Model-based Control of a Handling System with SysML Download PDF Christian Brecher, Johannes Nittinger & Andreas Karlberger; RWTH Aachen University