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Conference on Systems Engineering Research 2013

Addressing Societal Challenges with Next-Generation Systems!

Keynote - Opening Remarks

Victoria Cox

Wednesday, March 20
8:00am - 9:00am, GLC 236

Challenges with Deploying Complex Systems of Systems: Some Perspectives

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Abstract: The greatest challenges in the delivery of complex systems of systems are seldom limited to the integration of disparate technologies. Rather, the non-technical challenges presented by the economic landscape, political climate, and stakeholder equity as well as the culture into which the system of systems will be inserted are often as crucial to successful delivery of the product as the viability of the technologies involved.


Victoria Cox is the former FAA Assistant Administrator for NextGen, which is the ongoing transformation of the nation’s air transportation system. NextGen has been called one of the most complex systems integration challenges ever undertaken by the federal government. Over a career spanning 30 plus years, Cox was responsible for the management and delivery of numerous cutting edge technologies. Positions held include Director of International Technology Programs in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, DoD Laboratory Liaison to the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Science and Technology, and Chief of Physics and Scientific Director of the European Office of Aerospace Research and Development.

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