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Conference on Systems Engineering Research 2013

Addressing Societal Challenges with Next-Generation Systems!

Keynote - Day Two

Paul Eremenko

Thursday, March 21
8:00am - 9:00am, GLC 236

Formal Model-based Design & Manufacture:

A Template for Managing Complexity in Large-scale Cyber-physical Systems

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Abstract: This talk will discuss the proposition that the traditional top-down systems engineering process is inadequate for coping with the increasing complexity, dynamic coupling, and cyber-physical interactions found in modern large-scale systems such as aerospace systems. We will examine the genesis and limitations of the status quo systems engineering approach and its relationship to manufacture, test, and innovation. We will then consider how other domains such as biology and electronics have coped with complexity and posit a template for how we might approach the problem in large-scale cyber-physical systems. Elements of the new approach include: (1) the ability to formally unify the semantics of domain-specific dynamical models of all the physical and digital domains in the system; (2) tools for reasoning about, visualizing, and analyzing the design at varying levels of hierarchical and model abstraction across all its domains; (3) co-verification of the design against requirements models using simulation and formal methods; (4) model-based characterization of the manufacturing ecosystem and feedback of manufacturability considerations as formal constraints on the design trade space; and (5) novel approaches to innovation and to the structure of design and manufacturing organizations. The talk will conclude with an overview and progress report from DARPA’s ongoing Adaptive Vehicle Make (AVM) effort, which seeks to mature and test this design and manufacturing methodology at scale on an amphibious infantry fighting vehicle.


Mr. Paul Eremenko was most recently the Deputy Director and Acting Director of the Tactical Technology Office (TTO) at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the U.S. Department of Defense. DARPA is the Department’s innovation engine, with the explicit charter of creating and preventing strategic surprise. TTO is the DARPA office responsible for systems and prototypes, including advanced space systems, X-planes, robotics, and manufacturing.

Previously, Mr. Eremenko was a Program Manager in TTO, where he conceived, developed, and managed DARPA's expansive Adaptive Vehicle Make (AVM) advanced manufacturing portfolio which encompasses the META model-based design and verification tool chains, the iFAB rapidly-programmable factory of the future, and the Fast, Adaptable, Next-Generation Ground Vehicle (FANG) programs, as well as the VehicleFORGE collaborative design environment and the MENTOR educational outreach effort. Mr. Eremenko also served as the architect and program manager for the System F6 fractionated spacecraft on-orbit demonstrator, for the InSPIRE experiment on the International Space Station, and for the 100 Year Starship.

Prior to joining DARPA, Mr. Eremenko was a strategy and technology consultant with the aerospace and defense practice of a major international consultancy. He began his career as an aircraft design engineer and was subsequently a systems engineer and the lead project engineer for a vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aerial vehicle. Mr. Eremenko received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in aeronautics from MIT and Caltech, respectively, followed by a J.D. from Georgetown University. He is also a licensed pilot.

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