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Conference on Systems Engineering Research 2013

Addressing Societal Challenges with Next-Generation Systems!

CSER 2013

Welcome to the 11th Annual Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER 2013) to be held March 19-22, 2013, in Atlanta, Georgia. The Georgia Institute of Technology is honored to host CSER 2013. CSER has become the leading conference and platform for systems engineering that both pushes the boundaries of current research and identifies and responds to new challenges, fostering new research ideas. At CSER 2013, researchers from around the world will be presenting papers addressing societal challenges and next-generation systems for meeting them. Papers will address topics from evolutionary systems to smart grid and infrastructure, workforce training and even defense and aerospace. It is sure to be one of the most informative systems conferences of the year.

Post-Conference Message

The conference organizers would like to thank everyone who helped make CSER 2013 such a success -- the local organizing committee, the program committee, reviewers, keynote speakers and panelists, presenters and authors, attendees, volunteers and the Global Learning Center.

  • The proceedings are published online by Elsevier.
  • The keynote talks/presentations are posted online.
  • CSER 2014 will be held next spring in Los Angeles, organized by the University of Southern California in collaboration with Stevens Institute of Technology, and managed by the Los Angeles chapter of INCOSE.

Note: There will be no conference registration refunds after March 8th.

This Year's Areas of Acceptance for Paper Submissions:

Systems engineering core concepts

  • Architecture specification
  • Requirements elicitation, definition, analysis and management
  • Design methodologies and frameworks
  • Human systems integration
  • Automated systems
  • Software systems and software-intensive systems engineering
  • Uncertainty modeling
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Lifecycle analysis and cost estimation
  • Technology and system maturity models
  • Systems engineering workflow and management
  • Verification and validation methods
  • System reliability

Model-based systems engineering

  • Computational systems engineering methods
  • Agent-based systems modeling and simulation
  • System dynamics
  • Discrete-event systems modeling and simulation
  • Optimization methods
  • Multi-method systems modeling and analysis
  • Model composability
  • System analytics and visualization

Systems engineering education and training

  • STEM
  • Systems thinking
  • Systems engineering education
    • Pre-college
    • Undergraduate and capstone courses
    • Graduate
  • Systems engineering workforce development
  • Systems engineering knowledge capture and management

Next-generation systems engineering

  • Systems-of-systems
  • Enterprises-as-systems
  • Complex adaptive systems
  • Evolutionary systems
  • Resilient systems
  • Trusted systems and cyber security
  • Self-learning systems and machine learning
  • Expedited and agile systems engineering methods
  • Cyber-physical systems

Multi-disciplinary approaches and needs

  • Systems engineering and socio-technical systems
  • Systems engineering and economic modeling
  • Systems engineering and interactive computing
  • Systems engineering and biomedicine
  • Natural systems and bio-inspired design
  • Negotiation methods for system features and capabilities in multi-stakeholder environments

Systems engineering applications

  • Air traffic control
  • Communication and sensors
  • Consumer products
  • Defense and aerospace
  • Healthcare
  • Humanitarian systems & disaster response
  • Information technology & software development
  • Manufacturing & logistics
  • Security & terrorism deterrence
  • Service
  • Smart grid & infrastructure
  • Smart transportation
  • Space
  • Unmanned systems
  • Other

Authors wishing to submit a paper for consideration to the 2013 CSER conference please click here for details.

Chair: Chris Paredis, Ph.D. (GA Tech), Technical Chairs: Carlee Bishop, Ph.D. (GA Tech) & Doug Bodner, Ph.D., P.E. (GA Tech).

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University of Southern California
Stevens Institute of Technology

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SEANET Doctoral Student Workshop
March 19th, 2013

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